About Us

About Us
Our global logistics service providing company was established, ISC LOJISTIK A.S., on January 12th 2005 as centered in Izmir and it was registered.

We have become a member of UTIKAD in the first month following the establishment in order to create our supplier circle, to provide accumulation of knowledge and to give trust to our clients as ISC LOJISTIK A.S. 

We have become a member of FIATA and WCA with the aim of creating our network globally and to respond our clients’ requests without any trouble and on time. 

As ISC LOJISTIK A.S., we provide the main services of Seaway, Airway, Road and Project Logistics. Besides, we also produce Integrated, Multimodal and Logistics solutions involving Storage, Preliminary and Final Transportation, Port, Insurance and Customs Clearance services within and out of the country.

We are able to provide our services without any diffuculty by our branch offices in Turkiye, which are located in Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Mersin, and also with wide agency networks in  155 countries worldwide, with which we work effectively.

The main target of our company, of which the most important investment is human and technology,  for today and all the time is to provide Correct, Ethic and Quality Service at once in Logistics Sector.